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Welcome to Gynocare Fistula Center (GFC)

Gynocare Fistula Center was born after the director, Dr. Hillary Mabeya was called in to handle a troubling situation in 2009 an aftermath of the 2007-2008 post election violence where a 19 month old female patient had been sexually assaulted by an unknown person.

For her sake the center was opened to cater to and search for victims who have no voice and who need long term care and counselling. Initially the facility started off as an outpatient clinic but opened its doors to fistula surgery on the 19th June 2011. The facility has a bed capacity of thirty beds with an aim of expanding as time goes by having carried out over 1000 fistula surgeries by early 2014.
The center is situated in Eldoret, a town in the North Rift, Kenya, Gynocare Fistula Center handles referral patients in an area covering about 10 million people of which about 4.5 million are pastoralists. We take pride that Dr. Mabeya keeps sharpening the skill and can now do diversions on women with hard to treat fistulas with ease a technique that has really given hope to those who were almost giving up due to repeated surgeries with minimal success.
Gynocare Fistula Center
Gynocare Fistula Center arose amid an old condemned structure which at that time was a car wash and a hostel that was completely run down! With all this successes and good results, we still have a lot of challenges in terms of how to keep up the spirit of going out, talking to women and encouraging them to come and get treated because many still hide with it and have no idea that there is a way out.
Gynocare Fistula Center Facility
As the world marks the annual International Fistula day each 23rd day of May, people world over need to come out to sensitize the public about this devastating condition, its causes, prevention and treatment.
Gynocare Fistula Center relies on well wishers to push on its mission and vision. It has received support from Dr Mabeya himself, One by One, Fistula foundation, Direct Relief and ADRA Germany through Waldfriede Hospital who starting from the beginning to date together with our staff who work up to odd hours of the night to help ease the suffering and restore livelihood. Thank you for your support.
Our wish and desire is for Gynocare Fistula Center to have its own place since the current building has a number of limitations including being a leased property with minimal expansion possibilities. In addition, the current equipment and supplies provide a challenge to accomodate the ever increasing number of Fistula victims as awareness improves.
Gynocare Fistula Center was recognised as the first Fistula Training Center in Kenya  by International Federation of  Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) in October 2014 and up to date two trainees have successfully completed Fistula training at GFC.
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