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We care for women
So as to realize success in our efforts, Gynocare is keen on a holistic approach to managing the fistula situation in the region. We  
essentially intend to:

Offer treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of patients with obstetric fistula (OF)

Help prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce incident of high risk pregnancies, morbidity and mortality

Treat and support fistula patients/survivors, including counselling, peer support and facilitating their re-integration

Follow up pre and post operative patients with severe disabilities, like foot drop, stress incontinence, urinary diversion and severe
  damage of the sexual/reproductive system

Ensure that comprehensive and factual information and a full range of reproductive health care services including family planning  
   emergency obstetric care are accessible, affordable, acceptable and convenient to all users

Ensure that Gynocare Fistula Center exist as a nongovernmental institution with a network of collaborations, partnerships and
   interactions at the local, national and international levels and shall not establish any branches of its own

Serve exclusively non political interests in all operations while encouraging corporation, relations and interactions between the  
   government and community

Run non profit making and humanitarian objectives of advocating for safe motherhood. Special emphasies shall however be on the  
   medical condition, obstetric fistula, in which the organization will endavour to seek to address the social, cultural and economic  
   factors that undermine motherhood

Work on empowerment of women and improvement of their social, cultural and economic factors that undermine motherhood

Advocate for equality and equity based on harmonious partnership between women and men inorder to enable women realize their  
   full potential and participate fully as active decision makers and beneficiaries

Help eliminate descriminatory practices against women, gender violence and harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital
  Mutilation (FGM) and early forced marriages

Increase public awareness on the value of the girl child, and concurrently, to strengthen her self-image, self esteem and status.

Encouraging, incepting and sustaining income generating activities for the economic empowerment of fistula survivors
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