This is a video follow-up on Chacha Lenges' progress as narrated by Sylvia Chebet of Citizen Media house in the Monday special feature. She had earlier been part of a feature earlier featured on another of Citizen's program; Your story. View it here. Below is a transcription of the video.
At only twenty four years of age she has undergone fourty seven surgeries

Nasijapona mpaka saa hii, lakini sijakata tamaa bado nasema tu nitapona
(Translation: I have not healed up to now but have not given up yet. I am still hopeful i will get well).

Victor Nyakundi (Fistula Programme Administrator - Gynocare):
If you listen to Chacha's story I can call it tragic because.... ah whatever she has gone through any other human being cannot be able to face the knife the many times that she has been able to

She remains unbound. We meet her preparing for the fourty eighth surgery

Dr. Mabeya:
She lost aah... a lot of her bladder and the urethra

For almost ten years now she has lived with fistula a condition described as the most dehumanising often due to prolonged and obstructed labour. A child-bearing mother loses the ability to control urine and stool

Dr. Mabeya:
Last year we decided to do what we call urine diversion. We diverted her urine  from the normal urinary tract to another system where now she uses that system to relieve herself. She is now dry, we were just doing our last surgery that we had planned for January this year.
Chacha comes from the far flank Baragoi area in Samburu. She was married off in two thousand and six when she was only fourteen years old. Shortly after she fell pregnant yet her body was immature for child birth. When time for delivery she could not access a hospital. She was in labour for seven days. Still her case was not treated like an emergency when a good samaritan eventually helped her to a hospital.
Nilifika kama daktari alikua busy na akapeleka wagonjwa wengine mahospitali makubwa makubwa. Akaniambia mimi, yako mpaka kesho. Akaenda akarudi saa kumi ya usiku. Akakuja kuniona. Venye aliona huyu mtoto daktari tena hakuna mahali ya kufanyia operation na akaamua tu kuvuruta.
(Translation: I arrived when the doctor was busy transferring patients to other bigger hospitals. He told me I had to wait till the following day. He came back at four in the morning to see me. He decided to pull out the baby when he had no place to operate from)

There and then she developed the fistula problem.

Tumbo yangu walipasua mara tano mahali moja. Hii mwili yangu imepitia kabisa operation. Operation ishirini Gynocare pekee yake.
(Translation: My tummy has undergone  five surgical procedures at the same place. My body as really been operated on. Twenty operations in Gynocare alone)

Dr. Mabeya:
I believe this is the last time I am operating on her again
While undergoing treatment she has not only learnt Kiswahili but also to read and write besides tailoring

And Chacha has a passion that she wants to become a nurse. to go touch a life out there the way she is been touched

Despite her stolen childhood Chacha Lenges has been able to withstand the test of time. She takes one step at a time determined to rebuild her life and be of service to humanity whilst she is whole again.
Sylvia Chebet for Monday Special.
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