Gynocare Women's and Fistula Hospital repairs all types of obstetric fistulae totally FREE, is it not what the hospital was set up for? It is just a matter of walking in and walking out with no charges to the patient. Before any repair and corrective surgeries are carried out, screening test(s) are done after a thorough history taking of events that led to the existing condition as well as the characteristic of the complaint. All these is to confirm that the fistula is present.
Management and Treatment of obstetric fistulae consumes a lot of resources right from facilitating outreaches to spread the word upto when the patient leaves the hospital dry and safe. A few 'special' fistula cases may also need several trips back to the operating table to arrest. All these is practically impossible to finance to close most sufferrers given that most come from less well-to do backgrounds.

So the management of fistula for every victim depends wholly on well wishers who give materially, financially and physically to this course. They are part of the bigger Gynocare family and are appreciated for the efforts.

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Gynocare accepts donations materially and financially to keep running it's activities towards achieving an end to fistula sufferring and stigmitation.
After it has been confirmed that the fistula is present, you will be admitted at Gynocare and preparations started for your surgery to repair or correct the fistula
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