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We Ensure that your privacy and any information related to your care is maintained.
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In an appropriate and timely manner in a safe .......... Read more
Gynocare Women's and Fistula Hospital repairs all types of obstetric fistulae totally FREE, is it not what the hospital was set up for? It is just a matter of walking in and walking out with no charges to the patient.

Before any repair and corrective surgeries are carried out........ Read more
Gynocare Womens and Fistula Hospital was established in 2009 after the director, Dr. Hillary Mabeya was called in to handle a troubling situation where a 19 month old female patient had been sexually assaulted by an unknown person. Initially the facility started off as an outpatient ............ Read more
Current status of obstetric fistula by Dr. Hillary Mabeya
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Status of obstetric fistula (Double click on image to view)
Psychological effects of fistula
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