We hold your hand throughout your pregnancy, labour, delivery and during the postnatal period. We have a consultant led obstetric unit for those women who require extra care during their pregnancy. This include those with elevate blood pressures (pre-eclampsia), multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets…….), diabetes etcetera. We encourage you to inquire of any useful information to plan your pregnancy, understand the changes your body is undergoing and the options of care that are available for you. You should always remember your clinic dates and comply with instructions given which most of the time you are reminded with every visit.
Women welfare
Patients with gynecological problems and those referred are also seen daily. These include referrals and those with emergency cases. Generally these problems do not affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant naturally. They include pelvic pain and pelvic floor disorders, vaginitis, vulvodynia. Emergency cases may include ectopic pregnancies, incomplete abortions and many more that might require surgical interventions. We got you covered all round.
Assessement of a client in progress
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