Monica Domorita is the second borne in a family of 9 siblings, 4 male and 5 females. All alive. None has had same experience. She comes from Chemusere village, Koloa division in East Pokot. Her only child born alive through normal delivery after long laboring on 4th April 2001  passed on. She started leaking urine and stool uncontrollably.
First born in the family is a chief in her location, she is the second born not employed, third born is a sub-chief of cheptur village, Koloa village of East Pokot. Third born is in a teacher’s training college pursuing a certificate as a basic education teacher in Kigari, Embu which is in eastern Kenya. She was left by her husband a year after sustaining the fistula.
She has already undergone a short course on running a business and managing funds to assist her  re-integrate back into her community and support herself. We wish her well.
Fourth attempt in of 2005 was carried out at Family Care Hospital in Eldoret town and she still leaked. She decided to go back to Moi Teaching and referral Hospital just to try her luck once more. Still not successful. Having tried all the places she could, she decided to head back to her home in East Pokot to continue living her life in alienation until she heard of Gynocare women's and Fistula Hospital nine years later that is in October 2016. She was admitted and prepared for her turn to undergo her 6th attempt to repair. On 3rd of December the same year, she was operated on and came out of the hospital after post operative management dry.
To rectify the urine leakage she underwent first attempt in December of the year 2002 at Jamaa Hospital in Nairobi with no success, second was attempted at Ortum Mission Hospital in Turkana, Northern Kenya in  December 2003 one year after the first attempt still was unsuccessful and she went home leaking this time very disappointed. She 'rested' for one whole year to have courage to make a third attempt to get out of this trap. In 2004 she underwent her third surgery at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital still she was not free of this agony.
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