Meet Rose Nyarinde, a 38 years old lady from Bosamaro Masaba location, Nyamira division Kisii North. Has had 5 pregnancies, First pregnancy delivered through destructive surgery at Kisii district hospital long ago preterm. She can’t remember dates. Second and third born delivered via caeserian section still she can’t remember the dates. Fourth born delivered through normal delivery preterm already dead. Husband is elderly not employed and is not able to do any work. She is the sole bread winner through farm work at home but especially as a  tea leaves picker. All the work done while she was/is in the condition sometimes with the help of one of her two living children who is currently in secondary school; form 3.
Her first child passed on immediately after delivery  and she started leaking urine then was operated on in attempt to correct the leakage at Kenyatta National Hospital. She was discharged still leaking and given given a return date for further management.
A second surgical attempt to repair was also performed at the same hospital where the first one was carried out, and was discharged home after the surgery with instructions to be attending clinic follow up for review which she never did siting lack of funds to facilitate travelling from Kisii to Nairobi as well as upkeep so she never bothered to go back.
A third attempt to repair was done at a hospital near her home; Kisii Fistula Hospital but never made any difference, she was discharged home still leaking. A fourth attempt was made at the same hospital after it was noted that she still has a small hole on being reviewed. She was taken back to theatre for rectification and then discharged home. At home she leaked even more than before and she and to be referred to Gynocare Women's and Fistula Hospital for further management.

First attempt at Gynocare and she was dry, she can now go on with her life without worrying of leaking anymore. She has also been trained on business matters and set up to to run a small business at her home area in Kisii. Another success story.
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