Since it's inception in 1999, close to 50 fistula survivors have successfully benefitted differently from the stepping forward programme with the limited resources available. Below are some of the beneficiaries.
A tailoring course beneficiary infront of her new venture with some of her mechandise. She is one of the first survivors to be enrolled in the programme.
A trainee admiring one of the many finished product at the tailoring department
Mary Ann
The girls in the tailoring program busy learning new skills. A volunteer, Mary Ann a retired nurse from Oregon teaching them to quilt. She spends her time helping women to tell their stories through the medium of Art Quilting. Mary Ann works with women in prison near her home in Sherwood Oregon and a group of women on the small island of Yelapa Mexico. Quilting is a way for women to come together, share their stories and create beautiful pieces that can be sold in the local markets.
Meet Metrine Wafula is a beautiful 19 year old girl from Kimilili in Western Kenya. She is the third born of six. All of her siblings have gone to school but she was kept at home to the housework, cooking and laundry. Metrine had the unfortunate fate of being born with a congenital rectal fistula. Her mother abandoned the family when she was young so her father remained alone to care for the children. He has chosen not to remarry, fearful that a stepmother would not treat Metrine kindly.

Metrine's father had tried several hospitasl only to be told that there was no cure. Metrine was identified by a One by One regional representative and who brought her to Gynocare Womens & Fistula Hospital. "When I met Metrine a year ago she had already undergone two surgeries and still had a colostomy. Metrine is bright, loves math and is eager to learn. We placed her in our literacy program and in less than a year has reached Class 4 level" - Christine Fox, Programme Coordinator A Little 4 A Lot - Kenya.

Just recently she had her colostomy reversed and is happy to be back in class. Our hope is to get her to the level where she can sit the national 8th grade exit exams and then enter her into an adult education program.
Mercyline working with Mary Ann
Finished product from the quilting class
Caren and Roseline putting into practice what they have learned
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