Given the ever rising number of fistula survivors to be reintegrated into the society, there has been an increasing challenge in hosting and supporting survivors to the extent that some of them join families of the Gynocare staff as they await reintegration into the society.
A Basic Literacy Class in session headed by a volunteer
The ground will have classrooms, residence hall, a kitchen, acquire sustainable farming equipment and supplies and will be able to house an additional number of young Kenyan women heal and rebuild their lives after the detrimental effects of fistula psychologically and socially. The women and girls will have an environment they can share and support each other.

The ground will also have income generating projects to enable it be self sustaining. In addition to the items created by the women and girls, an operational farm. The fully functional farm will engage in horticulture products, fish farming, dairy, poultry and other farm activities. The produce from the farm will then be sold to the communities around the farm to earn income that will take care of the operational costs and expenses of the whole stepping forward programme.

To start us off, 10 acres of land has been donated to the programme by the Matityahu family.
The farm baptized Chemi Chemi a Swahili word meaning a swampy place is located in Soy sub-county of the larger Uasin-Gishu county about 23 kilometers North of Eldoret town. All that is needed is to develop it for our women and girls. The founders of A Little 4 A Lot; the Matityahu family are currently raising funds towards developing Chemi Chemi farm and you can join in too by donating through A Little 4 A Lot website.

That is Stepping Forward's future and it is a brighter one!

To go around these, there is need to set up a separate ground specifically for the women to live in while waiting for multiple corrective surgeries, those recovering after surgery and those learning vocational skills.
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