The stepping forward programme was set up in 2009 to assist women and girls who have recently gone through successeful obstetric fistula surgical repair and those still in the process of undergoing the same to continue with the activities they engaged in before they developed fistula or better still engage in new ones. The activities include vocational skills training and schooling through The School Fund.
Stepping Forward Founders
Stepping forward founders
Left to Right: Carolyne Mabeya and Dr. Hillary Mabeya from Gynocare and Arielle Matityahu and Dr. Debra Matityahu of Alittle 4 alot.
How is these achieved?

Gynocare Fistula center has dedicated a programme to carry out the above; The stepping Forward Programme. The programme teaches fistula survivors life skills that include money management, their rights and hygiene, empowers as well as prepare them to fit back into the society that shunned them earlier to become self reliant financially and psychologically thereby improving their lives.

The survivors are given small loans to set up small business to effect the vocational skills acquired. They are also guided through earning and also encouraged to put aside some of their earnings for a rainy day. This loans are meant to assist the women go back to their communities as independent individuals.

We at Gynocare are able to achieve some of these with the help of
Alittle 4 a lot foundation; a non governmental organization set up by Dr. Debra Matityahu and her daughter Arielle working together with the Mabeyas after paying a visit to Gynocare Womens & Fistula Hospital and offering to assist the survivors gain independence.
Well wishers include the school fund which plays a large part in the basic literacy programme as well as taking care of tuition fees and upkeep for those who go back to school, St. Brandon's catering offers training in catering whose successful graduands get employed in Gynocare's catering department. The  tailoring classes were the first to be set up and has benefited quite a number of the survivors with most of them set up in their home areas. Some of the beneficiaries are later attached to different support groups to cut down on challenges that may crop up when going into their independence. The counselling team plays a great role in overseeing every activity undertaken by the girls and women.
The programme is headed by Mrs. Carolyne Mabeya who is the head of counselling at Gynocare in close collaboration with A Little 4 A lot through it's Program Coordinator in Kenya Miss. Christine Fox. Stepping forward engages in training, coaching, mentoring and placements. Basic literacy for those who have never been to school, vocational training for those who are unwilling to go back to school and microloans for those wishing to engage in businesses. All these are achieved through volunteers.

To coordinate and facilitate these activities, Stepping Forward and Alittle 4 a lot depends upon wellwishers like you to raise funds. All these are achieved through volunteers. To coordinate and facilitate these activities, Stepping Forward and Alittle 4 a lot depends upon wellwishers like you to raise funds.
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