Gynocare seeks support from partners for continuation and scaling-up of the project in Western Kenya. It is intended that Gynocare Womens & Fistula Hospital program will be modelled on the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Fistula Hospital has restored the lives and hopes of more than 25,000 women who would have otherwise perished or suffered lifelong complications brought on by childbirth injuries, specifically obstetric fistula. Today the hospital provides free fistula repair surgery to approximately 1,200 women every year and cares for 35 long-term patients who need rehabilitaion.

Should Gynocare Womens & Fistula Hospital be able to raise enough support, it will similarly be the Kenyan center for  fistula treatment, longterm care, prevention and training.
Gynocare Fistula Center
Bank:                        Kenya Commercial Bank
Swift Code:             KCBLKENX

Branch:                    West Branch

Account Name:      Gynocare Fistula Center

Account Number:  1123155739
What is the future of Gynocare Womens and Fistula Hospital?

This project is intended to be an active regional entity on maternal health within the next 5 years. After this initial stage, depending on the success of our programs we may re-package to a wider platform or we may choose to major on those aspects of obstetric fistula which will be relevant to the times and setting.

By prospects of the versatile landscape which Kenya is likely to go through in the new constitution dispensation, some factors like illiteracy, poverty and early/forced marriages that underlie maternal health problems may to some extent change necessitating a different approach in programs. All the same, Gynocare Womens & Fistula Hospital is anticipated to remain relevant far beyond the projected 5 years.

We expect maternal health issues to increasingly occupy an important place in the development agenda of this region. For this reason one of our approaches to sustainability is to establish networks, affiliations and partnerships with other stakeholder institutions, so as to improve not only our financial capacity, but also boost our human resources with expertise.

Donor institutions like ONE BY ONE, AMREF, FFFF, UNFPA - which so far has been invaluable in Gynocare Fistula Center's investiture - will be approached to assist in sustaining the project. Importantly, future is a rationale at the back of this proposal.
We at Gynocare we value your support however little it may seem, it counts and goes a long way to put a smile in every woman affected by fistula and lands in our facility. Here is what your donation can do for the women:
Donations can be submitted in any currency safely through any of the following preferable money transfer methods.
$10 can buy a packet of diapers
$2 can buy Urine bag
$5 can buy a packet of toilet paper
$12 can buy a dozen of Sanitary towels
$250 can pay a month’s caretaker’s salary
$500 can sponsor a Fistula kit
Thank you in advance.
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